Boxing Intensity Class
February 17 (Monday) at 9:30 am

14 spots left

Mikiah Kreps
Class length
1 hour
Niagara Falls
Put the boring treadmill away! This high cardio Boxing class mixes punches with Crossfit. For all you calorie counters out there, this is a burner! Plus, you get to punch things doing it!

First-Time Guest:
Show up 30 mins prior to the scheduled class time. We’ll show you the ropes.
If you don’t own a pair of hand wraps (most don’t!) we have them here for purchase.
Our trainers will wrap your hands and show you how to throw the four basic punches.

What Fitness Gear do I need?
Gloves? We have gloves for you to use or you can bring your own.
Handwraps? if you don’t own a pair of hand wraps we have them here for purchase for $10.
What to wear? The same thing you would wear to workout.

What is the class structure like?
Staying true to how boxers train, our workout starts with a warm-up, then moves into boxing. Boxing is a full-body workout and you can expect it to work your arms, back, chest, core and legs. We mix things up with some crossfit. 

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You must sign-in to book a spot in this class.

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